First BAM of 2017 is up for a publishing deal – and you can make it happen…

Free copies for everyone who hits the link and nominates it for the publishing deal – tell your friends, your family, strangers you meet on the street!

This is the link. It’s live from October 29th all the way through to late November.

Here’s a little about the story, the first fully fledged 90,000+ word book I’ve written, to get you in the mood:

John Ballard is a PI with a condition. One in a million born with a sensitivity. He absorbs the memories of whatever or whoever he touches, and what’s worse, is that he can’t control his ability.

It makes his job easy, but having a personal life hard. So he’s isolated himself, disconnected from an increasingly connected world.

The cops call him in to help on a case, a gruesome murder that has so little evidence that only someone with his gift can help them solve it.

But absorbing the memories of the mutilated body is going to send John’s life spiralling out of control. It will force him to cross every line, betray everyone who trusts him. And in the process, he might lose everything that makes him who he is.

But he wants to find the killer – needs to find her – because the one thing that’s clear about the woman behind the crime, is that she’s a sensitive too.

Hopefully that whets your appetite…

Here’s the link again, if you’d be so kind as to nominate my little book for a publishing deal.

Thank you.