The First Men (Circle #4)

The First Men is the start of a brand new trilogy of titles in The Circle series.

The initial three books saw magical espionage adventures, facing off against threats from other planes of existence – this brings that action right back to our world!

But new revelations turn the notion of whether this is ‘our’ world on its head…


Lee has created characters that slide their way into your heart.
Tonya Dean, Amazon

Kindle edition

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The time of humanity is at an end… and our replacements are in our midst

It’s a new day at The Circle, one with a fresh mandate that puts every magickian on the front lines, fighting the good fight before the end of the world rears its head.

However, some cataclysms come in unexpected packages… and when a giant appears on the golden sands of Malta, it’s unclear whether he is friend or foe. He claims innocence when babies are born mutated, seems to bear no ill will…
And yet, something is not right about this visitor from another world.

But he is not the only concern for The Circle. Someone inside the organisation seems all-too connected to the colossal curiosity. And by the time the mystery is solved, it might be too late to stop it…

For the end of history is coming – and there’s not a man or magickian that can stand in its way.


Kindle edition