The Spirit Box (Freelancers #1)

The Freelancers is a supernatural thriller / urban fantasy mystery series with a hint of romance, spun off from the well-received novel Shadowmancer.


I was totally engrossed!
The Haunted Reading Room

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FREE prequel

Murder at Raven’s Lodge” is a short supernatural mystery that takes place a little while before the opening of the novel itself.


I couldn’t put it down!
Monique Olivier

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And if you enjoyed that, but aren’t ready to open The Spirit Box just yet, why not have a gander at how the scene is set for the novel with these FREE preview chapters.


Fast-paced mystery that combines magick, murder, and a who-dunnit you have to read!

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 The twists are sharp and unexpected, the characters are truly delightful. This story is definitely a winner!
The Haunted Reading Room

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It’s not a nightmare if you’re awake…

Ana’s grandmother has died in a horrific fashion.
Soon, she finds herself under assault by the same supernatural forces.
With nowhere else to turn to, Rafe, a low-level magical detective comes to her aid.
He’s been tracking the creature, and the box that appears to draw it forth. Together, they set out to put an end to the malevolent fiend once and for all.

But all is not as it seems with the entity that’s hunting Ana down.
Nor is all as it seems with Rafe, or Ana for that matter.
Everyone has secrets, and some secrets are powerful enough to kill.


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