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November’s book is quite a change…

Due Date was pretty dark – so next month we’re going do a 180 with an adaptation of two comedic tales in a double bill entitled Anthology Of Comedy

Originally, these two stories were written to be part of a live-action comedy anthology series, which I insisted on calling The Twilaugh Zone. Everybody hated that name, and as stated previously, I am not great at naming things. But it was my show, so the name stuck… until it was pulled from development.

The idea was that we have the same cast in every episode (with occasional guest stars), each playing totally different characters in a totally different world, shot and presented in a totally different way. I sketched out 22 initial episodes, a further 44 had titles or vague plot arcs, and now I have 66 of the damn things sitting on my shelf – so every now and then when something light-hearted needs to be released between the (increasingly) dark serious books, I might just mine those for further Anthologies.

Anyway, on with the synopsis for these two tales, which are suitable for children young and old.


After accidentally killing a leprechaun, Steve and Jeff are beset upon by a legion of tiny emerald fellows, insistent on turning Steve’s house into their new leprecolony.
But things aren’t all bad, because each of those leprechauns poops pure gold!

Space: The Final Papier
The 1960s.
A world before modern building materials.
A world where man only dreamed of space exploration.
A world in which everything was made from paper.
The intrepid crew of the Good Ship Corrugated set off into the black in search of excitement and adventure.
But what they bring back will change our world forever…


So, lots of silliness and fun to e had come November – why not pre-order now?

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