Due Date

This is a novella not for the faint of heart… a dark, fast-paced thriller that will hopefully bring tears to your eyes en route to the final page.


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This book had me wrapped up from page one…  This definitely isn’t your normal thriller, but so very worth the read.
Tonya, Amazon

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A lot is packed into this story yet it doesn’t feel rushed, building gradually to the horrific finale that adds a final dramatic twist..
Rod, Audible

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Isserow is a marvellous writer who not only made me forget where I was, but he manages to celebrate love within a nightmare situation.
Rod, Audible

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This week is going to turn Nina’s life upside-down.
Returning home from work, she discovers her door ajar, signs of a struggle, and her pregnant wife, is missing.

The kidnappers call. Issue a ransom, and she gives in to their demands, follows their instructions to the letter. But it becomes increasingly clear that this kidnapping isn’t about the money, isn’t about her or her partner.

It’s about the impending due date.


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