Colossus Reign (Circle #5)

The second in a new trilogy of titles in The Circle series picks up three months after the end of The First Men,  with the world a very different place to what it once was.


But even in the darkest of times there is hope – and new alliances will have to be formed if the magicians of The Circle have any hope of stopping the latest, massive threat to mankind.



Lee has created characters that slide their way into your heart.
Tonya Dean, Amazon

Kindle edition

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Imprisoned by giants thought long gone, the rebellion starts now…

They were here before us, the First Men, giants the ruled the lands.
Now they’re back, and they’ve taken the world for themselves once more.

The Circle in ruins, many magicians have died, and more will die still…
They have a plan that might ensure their survival, but it requires the weapon of an Old One, and the children of Elder Gods by their sides through the battle to come – only then they be able to turn the tide of the occupation, and perhaps win the war for mankind.

But the First Men have an innate connection to the gods of old.
They are the children of Ancient Ones.
If they decide to call upon those that birthed them for support,
it might not just be the end of the world… It would be the end of reality as we know it.


Kindle edition