Anthology Of Comedy 1

This month’s book is unlike anything else from the ABAM pantheon thusfar.

Two stories, very different, both comedic and silly, and fun for all the family.






















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After accidentally killing a leprechaun, Steve and Jeff are beset upon by a legion of tiny emerald fellows, insistent on turning Steve’s house into their new leprecolony.
But things aren’t all bad, because each of those leprechauns poops into a chamberpot of gold…

Space: The Final Papier
The 1960s.
A world before modern building materials.
A world where man only dreamed of space exploration.
A world in which everything was made from paper.
The intrepid crew of the Good Ship Corrugated set off into the black in search of excitement and adventure.
But what they bring back will change our world forever…


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  • Available: NOW
  • Formats: ebook, paperback¬†(audiobook coming soon)
  • Genres: Scifi, Comedy