Shadowmancer (Circle #1)

Magical espionage agency vs. Lovecraftian horrors…

This is the first time ABAM is stepping into the supernatural thriller genre, kicking off magical espionage series The Circle with an action-packed novel!

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Lee has created characters that slide their way into your heart.
Tonya Dean, Amazon

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the story was great, the writing was great, the narration was great!
Karina, Audible

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FREE short story spin-off
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In Shadowmancer, we meet magickians who misuse their power, and traverse many realms where anything is possible. This short story takes those themes and rolls with them, telling the tale of the most powerful magickian in all the lands; from his final days, to his first steps into magick and back again.




This adventure does call out for a Hollywood treatment!
BetaBabe, Amazon

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mystical espionage; contemporary fantasy; magician apprentice; magic thriller; lgbt supernatural; lovecraftian horror; urban fantasy magic

Jules was born with a gift, but until now, he’s only used it for small and selfish reasons.
That will all change as he’s inducted into The Circle, a secret international organisation that takes the magickally gifted and puts them to work, fighting the forces of darkness, saving an unknowing world from malevolence that hide in the shadows.
And Jules knows shadows all too well, for he can command them to do his bidding.
But it’s not just The Circle that has their eye on Jules. There’s another Magickian that watches him, intervening in his life, trying to put him on a path to discover the truth.
Because The Circle is not what it seems. The world is not as it seems.
And soon, Jules will have to choose between the status quo or the greater good.
Either way, the lives of everyone he loves will hang in the balance.


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  • Genres: Supernatural, Thriller, Horror, Urban Fantasy