Dead City book trailer

Ahead of the release next week, why not check out the Dead City book trailer…


This trailer is a little different to the ones for the other books, insofar as it was a presentation created when I adapted the TV show concept of Dead City into a movie.

It was intended to be the opening three minutes of a much lower budget version of the concept, so it doesn’t completely match the events, characters and locations in the re-re-adaptation into book form. However, the tone is pretty much the same, and hopefully you’ll get the ‘wry private detective in a city of the dead’ vibe from the whole thing.

If you like the trailer, you’ll probably love the book. Don’t forget you can check out the sample chapter, behind the scenes ramble and official soundtrack whilst you wait for the release of the book on February 1st.

Speaking of release, if you pre-order, you’ll get the book delivered on launch day, so why not follow the links below to do that?

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