Human2.0: The Human Trials (APEX Cycle #1)

I couldn’t put it down… a real page-turner!
Mallory, Into The Abyss Reviews

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A suspenseful sci-fi thriller … with thrills and plot twists every couple of chapters. I highly recommend this book.
Keith Smith, Amazon

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Free prequel:

There was so much plot to The Human Trials that some things didn’t make the cut. One such story, which sets up the overarching themes and the world, I’ve sliced out as a standalone prequel, available as a free ebook and audiobook.

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Sample chapter:

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While I have your attention, why not read the nice little blog with more information about the story and its origin. It was going to be a TV show for a little while. A very little while, but a little while nonetheless.


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A twisting and turning psychedelic cyberpunk thriller.

Sarah is a burn-out. Her twenties have been wasted  in a psychedelic haze. Now she wants to be sober, and avoid all temptation.
She joins a clinical trial. But as it gets underway, the subjects become aware that they’re not part of an average medical test.

Paranoia flows. Weird experiments are carried out on their  waking and sleeping bodies.

They realize the trial is changing them. Programming them. Installing false memories and removing emotions. And if they don’t do something before their tenure ends, they might not be human when they leave.


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  • Genres: Sci-Fi / Thriller
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