The Night Garden (Freelancers #6)

Love it!!! Never want this series to end ever!!! 
Olivia R, Amazon

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After a cliffhanger at the end of Freelancers book 5: Snake’s Kin, we’re back with a brand new instalment that picks up where the story left off…

Obviously I don’t want to spoil a damn thing, but hopefully these reviews will tell you just how much fun this latest book in the series is!


Vivid, intriguing, and a storyline that makes for an outstanding read!
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Kindle edition

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How far is too far? to try to save the person you love?

Rafe is a broken man.
He’s lost Ana, just as his forefathers lost every woman they loved…
But this is a loss he’s not willing to accept.

No matter how many times he’s told it’s impossible, he won’t give up.
He’ll kick down every door and piss off all his clients, he’ll conjure vicious creatures and hold damn gods hostage if he has to.
She can’t be dead – he won’t let himself believe it.
And he’ll cross every line to bring her back, no matter the cost to his reputation or standing – none of that mattered before, and it certainly doesn’t matter now.

Because for the first time in his life, Rafe cares bout something…
And he’s willing to give up his life if it means he can save her from whatever hell she’s trapped in.

But some hells are stranger than others – and every action has consequences…
What if the cost of saving of one life is not just his life, but every life in the Natural World?


Kindle edition