Beyond Footage (APEX Cycle #3)

The first ABAM sequel, to the well-received novella Footage.


Why not check out the trailer to Footage to get a vibe of where our story started:


Kindle edition


Footage had a prequel, so technically, Beyond Footage has one too, and it’s completely FREE!

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Kindle edition

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Beyond Footage scifi thriller cyberpunk action

He knows you. Your past. Your future.
He knows he’s being hunted, by a man who’s more than human
He knows he needs to leave the country, and he knows the voices aren’t real.

But what if they are..?

Kindle edition

Paperback – UK
Paperback – US

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Kindle 2-book special edition  US
Paperback special edition UK
Paperback special edition US

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  • Available: September 5th
  • Formats: ebook, paperback, audiobook
  • Genres: Scifi, Thriller