Human 2.0: Root Protocol (APEX Cycle #4)

The cyberpunk thriller sequel to The Human Trials picks up a year after the original, with the network striking back against the company that made them more than human…

But the company is not going to take this lying down – and a new executive is going to do whatever it takes to destroy the network once and for all – by turning the members against one another.


A suspenseful sci-fi thriller … with thrills and plot twists every couple of chapters. I highly recommend this book.
Keith Smith, Amazon

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Free prequels:

There was so much plot to The Human Trials that some things didn’t make the cut, so I sliced it out as its own standalone short:

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And in-between The Human Trials and Footage, there was ANOTHER short that came out for free, that introduces the villain from Root Protocol…

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Human 2.0 original trailer:












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How can you trust your friends when you can’t even trust yourself?

The network wants a revolution. Thanks to the company that experimented on them, they have the means.
But the company is prepared for the coming battle, and have an ace up their sleeve.
And one by one, they’re taking the network down.

As allegiances sway, Sarah finds herself isolated from the group.
And her only hope is to find a man that may not exist, in the hope that he can offer them some hope of truly understanding what has been done to them.



Kindle edition