ABAM book soundtrack

NLI-10 Soundtrack

Another book means another soundtrack!

By now you know the score – every BAM is essentially a movie or TV show in book form, so every BAM has a soundtrack.

Hit this link to grab it in your Spotify app, hit this link to stalk me on Spotify, or just browse through the playlist below.

This month is a doozy, featuring (yet again) the wonderful Stealing Sheep, yet more spectacularly talented friends in the form of All We Are, plus Portico Quartet, Nitin Sawhney, Gil Scott-Heron. Given his recent passing, we couldn’t have a soundtrack without a Bowie song in there, on top of twenty-some others.

As you can tell, the soundtrack is a bit of a rollercoaster ride, which is mostly the book’s fault, but hopefully you’ll dig the musics and get your pre-orders in for this cyberpunk thriller, which  is released in just four weeks!

See you next time.





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ABAM book soundtrack

“Dead City” Soundtrack

As you’ll hopefully know by now, BAMs are book-movies and thusly have a soundtrack that sets the tone for the narrative. Dead City is no different.

This month we’ve got an eclectic selection from a noir-ish theme tune from André Charlier to the latest single from my dear friends Venus Demilo. There’s yet another Stealing Sheep track, because they’re wonderful and practice their sets around me whilst I write, so it’s hard *not* to put them in a playlist. Felix Hagan has a jam in there, he’s also the star of the Dead City trailer that comes out in just under two weeks. Plus, twenty four other artists that set the scene for this darkly comic zombie noir tale.

Hit this link to grab the soundtrack with your Spotify app, this link to stalk me on there, or just spin through the tracks below.

Don’t forget you can pre-order Dead City before it’s released on February 1st!

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ABAM book soundtrack

“@” book soundtrack

Each BAM is essentially a movie in book form, and the playlists are set out as such, winding and weaving you musically through the narrative.

You can follow this link to listen to the book soundtrack in your Spotify app, or spin through it below.

The soundtrack for ‘@’ features a delectable selection, from my dear friends Stealing Sheep to newcomers Luna, who I discovered at the Loveless album launch (who’ll likely be on a soundtrack down the line). There’s also some MogwaiEmilíana Torrini, Dan Le Sac / Scroobius Pip / De La Soul, Die Antwoord, The Runaways, AC/DC and I think about 24 other tracks/artists that give some vibes to the story you’ll hopefully be reading in just a few weeks.

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