Self Possessed

Brilliantly demented! Kept me on the edge of my seat and afraid to turn off the light – right up there with the best horror writers…King, Koontz. 
Mary Helen Scaccia, Amazon

 Kindle edition

A slow-burning supernatural thriller that winds and weaves through the shadows of mankind’s worst facets, to tell a dark and tragic love story.

Nate is a man who’s lost everything he loved, and what little life he has left is spent trying to keep an even keel, staying on the right path… But once the sun sets he becomes a very different man.

While in day he’s able to love – by night all he can do is lust.
He’s an addict with a troubled past – and his other half indulges in drink and drugs.
He would never hurt a fly – but the man who wears his skin… violence is his favourite hobby…

Whether Nate wants to admit it or not, he needs to bring these two sides of himself together – because the only thing that’s keeping him alive right now is the lust for vengeance that’s surging through his veins.

And one way or another – whether it be by his hand, or his night driver’s, someone is going to die for what they did to him.



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fear yourself? … Well this story really gets into it!
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As Nate sleeps, someone else wears his skin. 

Nate Bloom only lives half a life. Once he was an addict – but now he’s clean, and has been for years. Until he lost his husband and child… And now when night falls, another takes the wheel…

The other guy craves alcohol, drugs, sex and violence – which inevitably leads to a murder, one with Nate’s DNA left at the scene.

But Nate is no ordinary addict falling hard off the wagon – and he’ll have to learn to bring some kind of balance between the two sides of himself, if he’s going to get revenge for those he lost…


Kindle edition