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Touch Sensitive

“A thoroughly modern noir with a twist of scifi”

Touch Sensitive is the first BAM published by Kindle Press: a scifi thriller novel that just doesn’t let up.

The book follows a detective who absorbs memories by touch, and is packed with twists and turns, hidden manipulations and machinations, love and betrayal.
He lives in a world of nothing but moral grey areas, plumbs the depths of depravity on an all too regular basis, savouring the rare glimmers of hope for humanity.
But he’s not the man he once was before he could know the darkest secrets with the briefest of skin contact. He’s seen the very worst in people. It will take his whole world turning on its head to make him find the light again, amidst all that filth.


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FREE short story prequel: ‘A Sensitive Time’

scifi novel touch sensitive psychic detective scifi novel thriller novel supernatural romance thriller

To get you in the mood of what to expect in Touch Sensitive, here’s a stand-alone story that takes place in the world of the novel. In around 2000 words it will take you on the journey of just how crappy Sensitivity can be, turning the most beautiful, hopeful moments, and ripping them to shreds in an instant.

But, y’know, hopefully it’s an entertaining read, despite the dark, depressing subtext of it all…

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Touch Sensitive soundtrack

As with every ABAM title, Touch Sensitive is cinematic in intention, and thus has a soundtrack!

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In The Blood – box set

Over four months, hundreds of readers followed along with the serial In The Blood – which skirted horror, thriller, scifi and the supernatural… now for the first time the complete story is available in a massively discounted box set!


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Preview chapters

Why not check out the opening chapters to whet your appetite…

In The Blood EXCLUSIVE preview



Official Soundtrack

Every ABAM release is a movie in a book – and thus every ABAM release has an official soundtrack.

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thriller, supernatural thriller, lgbt, lgbt paranormal romance, pnr, uf, urban fantasy romance, paranormal, supernatural, supernatural romance, queer romance, lgbt thriller, gay thriller, gay supermantural thriller

Self Possessed


A slow-burning supernatural thriller that winds and weaves through the shadows of mankind’s worst facets, to tell a dark and tragic love story.

Nate is a man who’s lost everything he loved, and what little life he has left is spent trying to keep an even keel, staying on the right path… But once the sun sets he becomes a very different man.

While in day he’s able to love – by night all he can do is lust.
He’s an addict with a troubled past – and his other half indulges in drink and drugs.
He would never hurt a fly – but the man who wears his skin… violence is his favourite hobby…

Whether Nate wants to admit it or not, he needs to bring these two sides of himself together – because the only thing that’s keeping him alive right now is the lust for vengeance that’s surging through his veins.

And one way or another – whether it be by his hand, or his night driver’s, someone is going to die for what they did to him.













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time travel, thriller, science fiction romance, romantic thriller, romantic suspense, time travel romance, serialised novel

The Last Generation – a time travel romance thriller

Told across three books in three months, time travel romance thriller Lines Through Time asks the question…

time travel thriller, time travel, scifi, science fiction, time travel mystery, time travel suspense

Over the course of these three books, there are twists and romance, thrills, chills, espionage and betrayal. I wanted to do something completely different with this book to everything I’ve done before, given that I’ve found myself in a comfortable niche writing damaged, stoic male leads that tend to get punched in the face too often – or smart, kickass women.

This is an emotional rollercoaster of a time travel thriller – and I truly hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.



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The Spirit Box (Freelancers #1)

The Freelancers is a supernatural thriller / urban fantasy mystery series with a hint of romance, spun off from the well-received novel Shadowmancer.



FREE prequel

Murder at Raven’s Lodge” is a short supernatural mystery that takes place a little while before the opening of the novel itself.


Preview chapters

And if you enjoyed that, but aren’t ready to open The Spirit Box just yet, why not have a gander at how the scene is set for the novel with these FREE preview chapters.


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mystical espionage; contemporary fantasy; magician apprentice; magic thriller; lgbt supernatural; lovecraftian horror; urban fantasy magic

Shadowmancer (Circle #1)

Magical espionage agency vs. Lovecraftian horrors…

This is the first time ABAM is stepping into the supernatural thriller genre, kicking off magical espionage series The Circle with an action-packed novel!

The synopsis and Amazon links sit over on the right, with all manner of free stuff to whet your appetite below…



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FREE short story spin-off
footprints magick christmas short story the circle shadowmancer free short story book

In Shadowmancer, we meet magickians who misuse their power, and traverse many realms where anything is possible. This short story takes those themes and rolls with them, telling the tale of the most powerful magickian in all the lands; from his final days, to his first steps into magick and back again.






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The Roving Death (Freelancers #2)

The Freelancers series kicks into high gear with the second instalment, an action packed supernatural thriller / urban fantasy mystery that sees Rafe and Ana hunting a creature that threatens the whole world…



FREE prequel

supernatural noir, Mystical romance, magical thriller, paranormal detective, Supernatural thrillers, paranormal noir, magical detective

“The Loiterers” is a short urban fantasy romp that takes place between The Spirit Box and The Roving Death, as Rafe begins to teach Ana magic – and other forces are intent on getting in their way…



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