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Announcing a brand new time travel serial!

I know you guys loved last year’s serial In The Blood, so from Feb 23rd a brand new time travel thriller kicks off with The Last Generation!

Told across three books in three months, the new series Lines Through Time asks the question what would you sacrifice to save the world?

Over the course of these three books, there are twists and romance, thrills, chills, espionage and betrayal. I wanted to do something completely different with this book to everything I’ve done before, given that I’ve found myself in a comfortable niche writing damaged, stoic male leads that tend to get punched in the face too often – or smart, kickass women.

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Here’s the synopsis for the series:

The world as we know it ended… but life goes on.

Alice lives in a bunker with her fellow survivors, her days wasted with a game, one that allows her to disappear into the past by reliving her ancestors’ memories.

But what if the game is a lie?
What if her consciousness is actually travelling through time?
A few alterations and her entire life could be different!

And when one lives at the brink of extinction, isn’t everything is worth sacrificing, if it means the end of the world doesn’t have to be the end of the world…


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This book is a whole lot more emotional, raw, and might not be for everyone, but I think there’s more plot in this serial then I’d managed to stuff into any other book so far.

It’s all present tense, and you’re literally in the narrator’s head the whole way through, going on the journey with her. She’s certainly not perfect, and isn’t entirely self-aware of her flaws.

To be honest, you might end up hating her at times! But by the end, I hope you’ll feel that it was worth trekking through an epic adventure across time.


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