A double-dose of BAMs tomorrow!

Due to calendar-ineptitude, I’ve accidentally got TWO books coming out tomorrow – if you’re quick, you can get them for just 99c each!

First up, The Freelancers series continues with The Night Garden!

If you’ve been following along with urban fantasy series, the latest book picks right back up where book 5’s cliffhanger left the story, with Rafe dealing with the fallout of what came before.

From there begins an action-packed magical adventure that delvers into horror and supernatural thriller territory, as we traverse the globe and a myriad dimensions, in order to save not the world… but love itself!



The other title that launches tomorrow is on the more adult side of things…

Self Possessed is a supernatural thriller that twists and turns all over the place, whilst exploring the darkest corners of the human stain, a place that is all too often full of a potent combination of drugs and sex and violence… If you shoved American Gods in a blender with a reverse Quantum Leap, this is what you’d end up with!