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The Prince of Darkness is almost here…

The third episode of THE FREELANCERS series is but a few days away… And I think it’s my favourite entry in the first season!


This entry takes the supernatural thriller series to the next level, tying back to familiar characters we met in Shadowmancer.  But this episode escalates beyond the average ‘paranormal detective’ shenanigans, morphing into an urban fantasy heist thriller action, before it becomes something entirely otherworldly…!


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There’s nothing to fear in the shadows – you should fear the shadows themselves…

A man who can control shadows is terrorising the magical community of London. Performing a grand ritual that could rip the very fabric of reality apart.

Rafe and Ana are reluctant to investigate, it’s definitely not their kinda gig – too apocalyptic for their liking…

But when they discover their connection to the Prince of Darkness, they find themselves pulled in to his scheme whether they like it or not.

Because the Shadowmancer is not working alone. Someone is pulling the strings.
And the only way they can find out who, is to bring the entire world to the brink of oblivion.

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Kindle edition