The Whistle and Testing Ground are now FREE Kindle books

And not just temporarily – they’re PERMANENTLY free Kindle books! Grab your copies now!

Both of these short stories live firmly in the realms of the overarching APEX story that has so far been told over three standalone books (@, NLI-10, Footage) and one sequel (Beyond Footage) over the course of this last year. The shorts tell stories that are happening off in the periphery of the grander tale, and both of them stand alone on their own feet.

First up is The Whistle, which timeline-wise sits in the 10 years between @ and NLI-10.

short story science fiction scifi cyberpunk origin story genetic engineering memetic software bioengineering transhuman

Inspired by a series of whistleblowers, Scott and Jennifer decide to bring their nefarious employer’s work into the light. But the company is willing to go further than either of them could ever expect to make sure the whistle stays silent.


And then we have Testing Ground, which takes place in the year between NLI-10 and Footage.
Testing Ground free ebook free short story scifi science fiction thriller action
Skelmersdale has always been a testing ground for pilot schemes.
Nathaniel Myra visits to investigate how the latest trial is going, but discovers the residents aren’t adjusting at all well to this latest scheme…


I hope you enjoy these little Christmas giftlets – do please check back around in a couple of days, because I’ve got a massive festive gift for one and all come December 22nd-26th!