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FIVE free ebooks to celebrate the festive season

That’s right, not just one or two, but FIVE free ebooks! From scifi to thriller to comedy, get your copies now!


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This was the first BAM, out way back in January, and is holding on to a solid 4 stars on Amazon.  It’s a YA-ish technothriller that has a slow build but works up to an explosive finish. If you like William Gibson, but don’t like swears or sexytime this is probably the book for you.


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The second of the APEX books, also stand-alone, is cruising in at 4.5 stars. Straight from the get-go it’s a paranoia-laced, action-packed thriller with twists and turns you’ll never see coming. Grant Morrison meets Margaret Atwood, with a heavy dose of acid.

I Hate Time Travellers

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Literally the most divisive of the 12 BAMs out this year, battling between 2 star and 4 star reviews… It’s a time travel comedy with a lot of naughty words and just as much sex and violence. Plus, it skews to the LGBT side of things, which I think just upsets some people. (By which I mean idiots.)  Think Douglas Adams meets Terry Pratchett, but now, long after their deaths…

Due Date

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This is the darkest book to come out this year (and next year is going a whole lot darker…) Again, it’s LGBT-skewed, as a woman finds her house ransacked and pregnant wife kidnapped, but as with all sex/gender issues, when it comes down to it, we’re all people, some stories are just human. And this novella just twists and turns, getting darker and darker en route. Iain Banks walking hand in hand with Gillian Flynn, into an abyss.

What A Day To End The World

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This might be one of my favorite BAMs out this year. A dumb, muscle-bound hero, essentially out of an 80s action movie, traverses realities saving (and often screws up saving) the world. It’s action packed and full of laughs and twists on sci-fi conventions. The love child of Philip K Dick and Kurt Vonnegut, but Vonnegut’s genes are dominant.


Hope you enjoy these free ebooks, and look forward to throwing more (so many more!) words at your eyes in 2017.