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To celebrate the release of its sequel, FOOTAGE is free all weekend!

Grab your FREE copy of the highly praised technothriller Sept 2-4!

FREE Kindle edition UK
FREE Kindle edition US

And if you like it, don’t forget the sequel Beyond Footage is out on Monday!

Beyond Footage UK Kindle edition
Beyond Footage US Kindle edition
Paperback – UK
Paperback – US

Also available as a special edition with extra material!

Kindle 2-book special edition UK
Kindle 2-book special edition  US

The paranoia reminds me of 1984… Being written in only a month, this story is amazing in its own right.




Footage is a tightly wound thriller, but it takes place in a much larger world than the novella can contain… It’s standalone, but related to the stories of @ and NLI-10. This short story fleshes out the world a bit, and is available as a free ebook and audiobook.

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