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Next month: the sequel to Footage!

The one thing that every review about Footage has in common is that is says “I wish it were longer…”

Well, in a few weeks, the story continues!

Footage was always designed as the first part of the longer Footage story, the opening act that introduces us to the characters and situations before the second and third act blow all that status quo out of the water.

And as much as the Footage series stands alone, it takes place in a pivotal time within the same universe as NLI-10. If all that sounds complicated, I assure you it isn’t.  There’s even a couple of free short stories that set up the vibes of the world these books take place in:


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I daren’t say too much about where Beyond Footage takes the story, in case you haven’t read Footage yet, but fear not, there’ll be a two-book edition of both Footage novellas available on the sequel’s release date that’ll save you some monies if you’d like to read the full story.



Kindle edition UK – Launch discount: $2.99 99c!
Kindle edition US – Launch discount: $2.99 99c!

Kindle 2-book special edition UK
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