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Four comedic novels FREE this weekend!

That’s right, grab four comedic BAM novels FREE this weekend, 12th-14th August!


The books range from zombie noir comedy to supernatural romance farce, sci-fi action comedy to murder mystery spoof. There’s something for everyone in this Amazon-exclusive giveaway.

Follow the links below to grab your copy of each books, and please tell your friends, leave reviews at Amazon, Goodreads, everywhere else, and don’t forget Beyond Footage comes out September 5th!


Dead City book cover horror comedy zombie noir

Dead City (UK / US)

Jon Gilligan is the only man with a pulse in a city of the undead.
It’s his job to maintain order between the factions of walking corpses and disembodied spirits.

The workload has been driving him a little insane, leading him to take on the persona of a noir detective. He narrates his adventures, casting himself as a hero to all those under his watch.

But soon, it’s time for him to be a hero for real.

Teaming up with a ghost and a woman outside the walls, it’s up to the three of them to save Dead City from itself.


Simon & Emily comdy supernatural horror novel ebook audiobook paperback

Simon & Emily Are Going To Hell (UK / US)

There should have probably been a *spoiler alert* before the title, but as you’ll discover, Simon and Emily kinda have it coming.

After young lives spent sinning pretty much non-stop, our two ‘heroes’ cap it off by accidentally slicing a priest in half.

They’re given a choice. Go straight to hell, do not pass go, do collect two hundred monies…
Or trade souls for the devil, in exchange for a slightly cushier afterlife, albeit still in hell.

Being not entirely stupid, they pick the latter, and spend a good seven years working in The Soul Trade. However, it’s not the best business to be in when the endtimes loom, and that kinda puts pressure on a relationship.

But what else are you going to do when you’re definitely, completely going to hell?

Y’know, like it says in the title.

endays scifi action comedy book novel serial

E.N.D.A.Y.S. (UK / US)

There are a billion realities out there, each protected by Jump Division, an interdimensional task force dedicated to preserving the stability of the grid.
However, not all agents are created equal. Some, are just arseholes.

Marcus Hayes is one such arsehole.
He’s loud, brash, walks away from explosions in slow motion, and pretty much everyone hates him.

After yet another mission going awry due to him being a dick, he’s stationed on a mundane world as punishment.
But as a threat to the world looms, it becomes apparent that this reality isn’t even close to being as boring as it’s supposed to be…


MBNC front cover - 3D

Murder By Natural Causes (UK / US)

George Walther Stott was the richest man in Stottington, the most hated, and his three children grew up to be almost as hated as he was.

As he took his final breath, George Walther died of natural causes with a smile on his face. For even though he was passing on, he would have the last laugh.

His children, those appalling mumblecrusting jizzbags who seeped forth from his former wife’s formerly perfect vagina would only inherit his massive wealth on one condition…

That they solve his murder.