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All ABAM books FREE June 5-6!

I don’t think I’ve apologized enough for the release of Simon & Emily Are Going To Hell, so to make it up to you, ALL ABAM BOOKS ARE FREE this Sunday and Monday.

So, head over to Amazon and grab your copies now. Hit the titles below for the trailers/soundtracks/etc, or the US / UK links for your relevant Amazon store to get the books for FREE!


Contemporary technothriller;
A young woman hands her decisions over to Twitter, and finds herself at the center of a vast conspiracy.
(US) (UK)


Dead City
Horror comedy;
Jon is the only living man in a walled city of the undead. He’s there to keep order, but the creatures within the walls have other ideas…
(US) (UK)


Scifi thriller;
The company killed her parents. Now Sarah is volunteering for one of their clinical trials, in an attempt to take them down from the inside.
(US) (UK)


I Hate Time Travellers
Scifi comedy;
Luke is one of the only linear people in a world full of time travellers. His life is mundane, until he wakes up in bed with his future self, and has to go on the run from a mysterious government operative.
(US) (UK)


Paranoid thriller;
Jared watches people. He thinks he’s starting to understand them, see their pasts and futures. But he’s also hearing voices and doesn’t know how much of it – if any -is real
(US) (UK)


Simon & Emily Are Going To Hell*
Supernatural farce;
*spoiler alert. The title says it all, and the narrator says even more. Seriously, he literally doesn’t shut the hell up. But at least he’s funny…
(US) (UK)