ABAM book soundtrack

I Hate Time Travellers soundtrack

Another month, another book, another soundtrack! Time Traveller shenanigans ahoy!

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This month I’ve switched gear with musical friends, with some Dogshow and Rory & Ned, plus there’s The Coral, Ananda Shankar, Huey Lewis, Beastie Boys, and 23 other tracks to take you on the musical journey of the narrative.


Next week heralds a sample chapter from I Hate Time Travellers. (And yes, I’ll keep switching between the British and American spelling, because I get letters either way…)

Week after that we’ve got the trailer, which is an awful lot of fun, so swing back around for those.

Don’t forget you can preorder now!

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‘Kindle edition – UK Pre-Order discount: $2.99 99c!

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