ABAM book research and vibes

“Dead City” Pinterest board

Another month, another Pinterest board full of imagery and vibes that relate to the next book.

Follow Lee’s board “Dead City” comedic horror novel on Pinterest.

Obviously I still don’t know what Pinterest is for, nor if I’m doing it right, but I’m quite enjoying have a place to put imagery that’s been in my mind whilst I wrote the book.

This month it’s mostly images, rather than links, because my (very brief) attempts at Googling for ‘horror noir’ or ‘zombie noir comedy’, so perhaps I’m the first to squish a bunch of these genres together and try and make something out of them.

Hopefully you’ll dig and recognize some of the noir vibes I’ve pulled together for the board, and don’t forget you can pre-order Dead City and get it day-and-date of release, February 1st.

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Swing back around on Friday for the book’s trailer, which is a damn fun piece of video, if I do say so myself.