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Christmas is almost here, so allow me to gift you with news of what books are coming soon at ABAM.

Seeing as I have an incredibly overlong list of projects and titles I’m turning into books, it’s been a bit of a bastard to work out what to release when and how… but I think I’ve nailed at least 4-6 titles down, and judging by that list, this year forthcoming is going to be a little bit crazy…

As you hopefully know by now, we’re kicking things off with the YA thriller ‘@’, which launches January 4th. Click through to see all the goodies that have been released for that, from the trailer and soundtrack to an exclusive sample chapter.

February I’ll be taking you in a very different direction, with a horror comedy that at one time was going to be a TV show… then a movie… and is now a book.
The trailer for that is going to be a little bit different than the others, as it’s literally the sizzle/vibe reel we made for the month or four when we thought it was going to be a movie. I’m excited for that to get out in front of eyes, as I think it’s pretty much just been seen by the cast, crew and studio at this point.

March will take us deep into scifi thriller territory, with some cyberpunk sprinklings, as I finally get a chance to release one of my longest gestating projects into the wild.
Originally pitched almost 15 years ago as a 3 season x 6 episode hourlong, with cross-media / transmedia tie-ins of comics, books, web series and all manner of things that were far too ambitious, and often laughed at back in the early 00’s.

April we’re back in comedy territory, with a time travel story that is occasionally crude, but mostly fun and heartwarming. This was pitched as a comedy anthology series a while back, then abandoned until I turned it into a book in 2012 or thereabouts, and then forgot about it. Now it’s back, and it’s just as silly as it was then.

May takes us to scifi territory once again, with a paranoid techno-thriller that goes to unexpected places… and I say that as the writer.
The first draft was written in maybe 2008 or thereabouts, as a novel, but it turned out to only be 78 pages, and was pure fast-paced plot. When it’s ready for launch in five months, it’ll be bulkier (hopefully), and it’ll also be the twelfth or thirteenth draft, so hopefully after all that time and work, it won’t be shit.

And that’s as far as I’ve got in terms of planning for the future.

The sixth book *might* be a re-write of my comic-turned-movie-turned-novel Simon & Emily, which is literally the stupidest and funniest thing I can recall writing. But the previous draft (that was once accidentally released and then withdrawn…) was a bit of a mess, so I’ll need to do a big ol’ tidy on that.

So that’s what there is to look forward to on ABAM as 2016 comes along. I very much hope you’ll join me on this wild and crazy literatural ride as the new year dawns.