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Touch Sensitive is just 99c all through April! PLUS get the prequel for FREE!

Kindle Scout winning novel TOUCH SENSITIVE is down from $3.99 to  ALL THROUGH APRIL!

noir thriller, scifi thriller, supernatural thriller, romantic suspense,

It’s rare that the lovely people at Kindle Press put on a discount – and this on is especially for you, to dig into the noir thrills, romantic suspense and scifi/supernatural intrigue before you get the sequel for FREE!



And that’s not all!

Why not whet your appetite with a FREE prequel:  A Sensitive Time, a short, sharp romantic thriller with a scifi twist that’ll hopefully take your breath away…



Hope you guys have a great weekend.  Much love to you all,

















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The Circle comes to its 2017 peak with RED RAIN – out next week!

Red Rain will fall, as too will mankind. . .

The disappearance of the most powerful magickian in all the lands has left a power vacuum.
In his absence, something beneath the ocean is preparing to take the world for its own

And as a portent washes upon the streets, making them slick with rain as red as blood, the operatives at The Circle must take it upon themselves to save the world.

Because they are the last bastion, the thin line between survival of the human race. . . and the death of all things.


Lee has created characters that slide their way into your heart.
Tonya Dean, Amazon

Kindle edition

Red Rain soundtrack


This adventure does call out for a Hollywood treatment!
BetaBabe, Amazon

Kindle edition

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The Prince of Darkness soundtrack


This month’s book soundtrack is full of jems – from excerpts of the amazing American Gods soundtrack, to my dear friend Cousin Jac and more!


As always, you can listen to all the official soundtracks from my books at my profile, over here.
Or just spin through the tracks below:


Hope this puts you in the mood for The Prince of Darkness!

Kindle edition

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