ABAM sample chapter

NLI-10 sample chapter

Welcome to the sample chapter for the third BAM, “NLI-10”.
You can read it below or download in a variety of ebook formats and mp3 of the audiobook.

Our sample begins after Sarah has passed the health screening for the clinical trial, and is taken in to meet the woman in charge of the experiment. But in the first of many twists and turns, Sarah isn’t just interested in the trial for the fiscal reward…

Grab your copy of the sample chapter after the jump:

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ABAM book soundtrack

NLI-10 Soundtrack

Another book means another soundtrack!

By now you know the score – every BAM is essentially a movie or TV show in book form, so every BAM has a soundtrack.

Hit this link to grab it in your Spotify app, hit this link to stalk me on Spotify, or just browse through the playlist below.

This month is a doozy, featuring (yet again) the wonderful Stealing Sheep, yet more spectacularly talented friends in the form of All We Are, plus Portico Quartet, Nitin Sawhney, Gil Scott-Heron. Given his recent passing, we couldn’t have a soundtrack without a Bowie song in there, on top of twenty-some others.

As you can tell, the soundtrack is a bit of a rollercoaster ride, which is mostly the book’s fault, but hopefully you’ll dig the musics and get your pre-orders in for this cyberpunk thriller, which¬† is released in just four weeks!

See you next time.





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