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Dead City book cover horror comedy zombie noir

Dead City book cover & synopsis

“Dead City” is coming out on February 1st, so I should probably fill you in on what to expect next month.


Jon Gilligan is the only man with a pulse in a city of the undead.
It’s his job to maintain order between the factions of walking corpses and disembodied spirits.

The workload has been driving him a little insane, leading him to take on the persona of a noir detective. He narrates his adventures, casting himself as a hero to all those under his watch.

When the local Necromancer conspires behind his back, it’s time for him to be a hero for real.

Teaming up with a ghost and a woman outside the walls, it’s up to the three of them to save Dead City from itself.


Dead City” comes out on February 1st, but you can pre-order the book right now!

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young adult twitter thriller @ book a month

“@” book cover & synopsis

“@” is coming out in just eight weeks, so here’s an advance look at the book cover, and a taster of what to expect between the pages…


At twenty-one Cassie is in a dead end job and has just been dumped, whilst her friends are succeeding at school or their careers, and compared to her, are generally winning life.

On a whim, she hands the reigns of her decisions over to Twitter, and at first her followers seem to be making her life better.

However, as the instructions continue, they become increasingly strange.  Soon she finds herself held at ransom, forced to commit crimes for an unknown party who seems to be stalking her at every turn.

With the lives of her friends and family at risk, she has no choice to play along.

But this isn’t the first time this has happened to someone like her.

And if she doesn’t find out who’s pulling her strings, she won’t be the last.


@” comes out on January 4th, but you can pre-order the book right now from just 99p / 99c!

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