Let’s Kill Santa

ABAM presents a Christmas tale unlike any other…

Let’s Kill Santa is a jolly seasonal story, told in rhyme, with a little bit of gore a’spilling on the pure white snow.


The book is available as an ebook, but it’s best enjoyed in the full color print edition








Let's kill santa christmas book kids book children's story comedy humor
This is a long tale, so sit comfortably around,
Learn of the plot to put Santa in the ground.
It wasn’t a plan by children judged naughty,
T’was a conspiracy by those trusted completely.
But I seem to be getting ahead of myself,
For you have just lifted this book from the shelf.
Perhaps I should first set out the scene,
In which our Christmas tale convenes.
And should you, dear reader, be adverse to rhyme,
I assure, you’ll get used to it, all in good time…

Full colour print edition UK
Full color print edition US




  • Available: December 5th
  • Formats: ebook, paperback
  • Genres: Comedy