Footage / Beyond Footage box set

The paranoia reminds me of 1984… Being written in only a month, this story is amazing in its own right.


Box set exclusive to Amazon, featuring three science fiction thriller books that channel the spirit of Black Mirror & William Gibson.






Things are gradually revealed until you get to the end, and then you realize that you want more!
Paul, Amazon





footage paranoia scifi thriller novella people watching book

He watches humanity to learn from them – but now, the world is watching back…
A city of ten million under glass eyes of six million cameras, one man evades their networked stares.
Watching those who are watched.
He’s starting to see more than what’s on the surface – he’s seeing the future…

But he’s also hearing voices, thinks he’s being followed, surveilled, and might have stumbled onto the path of a serial killer.
And he has no idea how much – if any of it – is real.
All he knows, is that if he wants answers, he has to keep watching.


Jared has acquired a gift for observation. He sees what’s there, and what’s not.
He knows you. Your past. Your future.
He knows he’s being hunted by a man who’s more than human.
A killer who can do extraordinary things.

He knows he needs to leave the country, and he knows the voices in his head can’t be real.
But what if they are?

TESTING GROUND – a prequel to Footage
Skelmersdale has always been a testing ground for pilot schemes.
Nathaniel Myra visits to investigate how the latest trial is going, but discovers that strange things are afoot in the quiet, dull town. The residents aren’t adjusting at all well to this latest scheme.
Not well at all…


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