In The Blood: The Blood Lives

The debut instalment of an epic serialised novel, told in four volumes over four months.

A new part of the story is released on the first Friday of March, April and May, until the grand finale on June 2nd.


Exciting, fast-paced, deeply emotional.
Mallory, Into The Abyss Reviews

 Kindle edition – only 99c!

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Why not check out the opening chapters of The Blood Lives to whet your appetite…

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If you dig the synopsis and preview, pre-orders are open for the first three parts now – and they’re half price until they launch, only 99p/99c each!


Only put it down long enough to get a few hours of sleep…
Dawn, Amazon

Kindle edition – only 99c!






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I can’t wait to see what happens!
Dawn, Amazon

 Kindle edition – this week only 99c!


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Ben Graham has always dreamed of monsters, ever since he witnessed his mother’s murder as a child.

All too soon, Ben will become such a monster, as he plots to kill the man who took her life.

However, fate will step in the way, open his eyes to a dark, disturbing world that resides in the shadows. He will discover that not only are there real monsters out there, but that he is uniquely qualified to destroy them . . .

Because Ben’s blood is not like everyone else’s; it’s alive, and it has a ravenous hunger that can’t be sated.


Kindle edition – this week only 99c!
Audible edition


Available: March 3rd

  • Formats: ebook, paperback, audiobook
  • Genres: Scifi, Thriller, Horror