The Blood Flows (In The Blood #3)

The third instalment of an epic serialised novel, told in four volumes over four months. The first three episodes are out now – with the grand finale coming on June 2nd!

(Volume 1 over here.)
(Volume 2 over here.)
(Volume 4 over here.)


Excitement fills the pages and the twists and turns keep you hooked!
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The Author​​ kills us with another cliffhanger!!!
Olivia Rofrits
Kindle edition



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Ben is in hiding, on the run with two other escapees, and they have only one resolution in mind.

They’re going to find his father, find the truth, wherever that takes them, however far they have to go …

But the Squad is hot on their tail, and will do whatever it takes to capture Ben and his comrades.

The only way they’ll survive is if they trust the blood.
The question is, given what they’ve seen it do – how many they’ve seen it kill – can they truly trust it?

Kindle edition

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  • Genres: Scifi, Thriller, Horror