The Blood Bath (In The Blood #4)

The final instalment of an epic serialised novel, told in four volumes over four months. The first three episodes are out now – with the grand finale coming on June 2nd!

(Volume 1 over here.)
(Volume 2 over here.)
(Volume 3 over here.)


If you followed this series like myself, you never wanted it to end!
Olivia Rofrits
The Blood Bath – Kindle edition


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I loved the ending!

The Blood Bath – Kindle edition

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A war is coming… A war of blood…
And the world will never be the same.

Ben is building an army.
They come from far and wide, each with living weapons flowing in their veins.
All ready to take on those hunting them down.

But the Squad is ready too.
And when the battle takes from Ben, he will wreak unholy vengeance on those who cross him.
Whether they be friend or foe.

As he takes the final steps towards becoming the kind of monster he always feared.

Kindle edition

Available: June 2nd

  • Formats: ebook, audiobook, print
  • Genres: Scifi, Thriller, Horror