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To celebrate the closing of the first arc of THE FREELANCERS series, and restart of THE CIRCLE, I asked a bunch of fantastic authors to share the Urban Fantasy titles they have available on Instafreebie.

Below you’ll find short stories, novellas, excerpts and full blown novels – all for FREE!

So, without further ado, here we go:

The Knowledge
Lee Isserow

Mystical espionage agency vs. Lovecraftian horror
in an action-packed thriller that just doesn't let up!
Necromancer's Apprentice
Matthew Buza

In a world dominated by men, angels, and demons,
the ancient order of Necromancy maintains
the thin layer separating Heaven from Hell.
Super Starrella
Aurora Springer

Teen superhero, Starrella, and her flying horse
combat vicious killers in the skies of Atalanta.
Sins of Saint Anthony
Elliot Parker

She has the divine power to find anything...
except freedom.
Magpie & Jynx
J.B. Cameron

Half-shifter & siren must fight vampires,
werewolves, and a Japanese demon to stop a Yakuza
human/fae trafficking ring in The Realms.
Curse of Souls
S Mays

The battle between humans and the supernatural
explodes when a young man discovers
he possesses superhuman powers.
Jaime Munn

Be careful who you witch for...
Ever had that feeling—when you’re completely alone
that you’re being watched?
The Awakening: Part One
Michael Timmins

The prologue to the exciting novel,
"The Awakening: Part One"
Shadow Sight (Ivy Granger Book 1)
E.J. Stevens

Enter an award-winning urban fantasy world
filled with bloodsucking vampires, psychotic faeries,
and snarky, kick-butt heroines.
Sorceress Awakening
Lisa Blackwood

A modern sorceress and her medieval gargoyle protector
battle evil and their own forbidden love.
Urban Myth - Part One (Awakening)
Davy Lyons

The year is 2317. Humanity inhabits huge Domes,
designed to protect them from the ruined world outside.
But things are not as they seem,
and it is time to awaken.
Claiming the Evil Dead
Mary Abshire

She's a hot-blooded half-demon.
He's a cold-blooded vampire.
Sending evil souls to hell has never been
more dangerous, or steamy.
Vial Things
Leah Clifford

When the Fissure's Whipp resurrectionists begin disappearing,
Allie realizes she'll need more than fighting skills
# and a sharp blade to beat a villain literally out for blood.
Binding Curse
T.F. Walsh

To survive, Luna must find strength
in her arcane powers and confront the cursed creatures
whose malevolence knows no bounds.
Failure isn’t an option.
Perrin Briar

A mysterious clock controls time.
What happens when it breaks?
Blood Hunted
K.E. O'Connor

Macie Thackery's supernatural ability
will be the death of her.
David Bussell

Life... it'll kill you.
Vampires Don't Drink Blue Blood
Lily Luchesi

Not your typical criminals...
Merlin's Secret
Jamie Davis

Ricky is a magic-user — a chanter —
in a world where magic is dying.
Blamed for the death of magic, he flees across England
seeking a better life in the United Americas.
Burn Artist
James Osiris Baldwin

While hunting a kidnapped mobster,
Russian Mafia hitmage Alexi Sokolsky uncovers
a deadly Occult conspiracy that may cost him everything.
Blood, Bone and Coffin
Edwin Torr

Tom Coffin, Specialist Funeral Director,
saves a sleepy English country village from
a sinister, blood-sucking threat!
Born of Faerie (Stolen Magic, #0)
WB McKay

Sophie Morrigan knows she needs to
set the tone for her new life.
Being drowned by a dragon certainly sets a tone.
White Rabbit
Russell Nohelty

Detective Alice Liddell chases a new drug
called White Rabbit, which makes people
hallucinate that they are in a magical world.
The Voodoo That You Do
J.L. Hendricks

Men, be very careful when dating a woman
who makes voodoo dolls for a living.
You just might live to regret your mistakes.
The Immortality Cure
Tori Centanni

Henri Dunn used to be a vampire.
To get her fangs back, she'll do anything:
even put up with vampire drama and solve a murder.
First Light (Hart and Soul Book 0.5)
Liberty Gilmore

After suffering an injury, Cadence Hart is forced
to take a break from policing the dead.
But a series of shop burglaries might be
her department after all.
Perfect Storm
E.A. Copen

Federal Agent Judah Black
battles ancient Cherokee monsters
on a supernatural reservation in Texas.
Blood and Hunger
Stephanie Marks

A serial killer on the loose, a stalker at her door,
and vampires at every turn.
Well, sometimes a girl just has to stake first
and ask questions later...
All The Gods Against Me
Brandon Berntson

The fate of the universe falls into
the hands of jaded anti-hero!
Stolen Ink
Holly Evans

Gay tattoo magician must save the city
from a tattoo thief while hiding a big secret.
Murder at Raven's Lodge
Lee Isserow

Rafe Clarke is a magical private investigator.
He's by no means a great detective,
but sometimes the last guy you're willing to call
is exactly the guy you need..
Hope you find something thrilling in the selection above.

Don’t forget, the THE FREELANCERS series is available right now – and there’s a whole new spin-off series THE CIRCLE continuing now!

I was totally engrossed in this story, and am eagerly anticipating the next in this new series.
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The twists are sharp and unexpected, the characters are truly delightful.
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