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In The Blood continues this month with The Blood Lies – and I asked a bunch of awesome authors to help me kick it off with a bang!

Below you’ll find short stories, novellas, excerpts and full blown novels – all for FREE!

So, without further ado, here we go:

In The Blood: The Blood Lives
Lee Isserow

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Cyberpunk Tales Trilogy
Ashley Hunt

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Deadly Sins: an organized crime thriller
Laura Read

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Ben Graham dreams of monsters.
All too soon, he might become one himself,
as he plots to kill the man
who murdered his mother...
Everything has a price.
How much are you willing to pay?
When the boss’s daughter develops
feelings for a corrupt detective,
she wonders whether she can learn to trust him
and put a life of crime behind her
Curse The Moon
Lee Jackson

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Tom Bierdz

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Demon Possessor
Torson Kipton

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When his daughter is kidnapped,
West Point graduate Atcho must be
a sleeper agent for Russian killers.
His choices: save his daughter,
or halt a nuclear holocaust.
Psychiatrist Grant Garrick had it all:
then tragedy struck.
Desmond is a demon hunter
addicted to his trade.
Whispered rumors say he turns the
occult malevolence
of his prey back on them.
One False Move
David Callinan

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The Nesting Dolls
Clare Blanchard

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m.a. petterson

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A crazed escapee and child abuser
kidnaps Mike Delaney's wheelchair-bound friend
and 15 year old daughter.
He has four hours to save them
A severed hand is found in an orange grove.
How is it linked to the mafia and the world
of international art theft?
A beautiful forensic engineer hiding a
tragic past seeks the killer of a homeless child
and uncovers a terrorist plot that threatens
a foreign country.
Four Days
Iain Ryan

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Serenity Stalked
Craig A. Hart

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Don't Tell Meg
Paul J. Teague

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Four days to locate the killer.
Four days to take revenge.
Four days to find redemption.
A cold-blooded killer is blazing a trail
of dead bodies across the country...
until he starts killing on
Shelby Alexander's home turf:
the small Michigan town of Serenity.
Be careful who you sleep with ...
Fatal Attraction
Rachel Star

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Salby Damned
Ian D Moore

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Devious Affairs
Roger Penfound

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When I saw her walk into my office,
I wanted her right there. The curve of her lips.
The way she looks at me. The way she says my name,
especially when she says yes boss.
The people of Salby knew shale gas fracking
was a bad idea - they just didn't know how bad.
An explosion unleashes one of science's
deadliest creations upon the town.
Devious Affairs – a family dynasty
shaped by passion and crime.
Book 2 in the 'Destiny' series.
The Shoulders of Giants
Jim Cliff

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In Their Shoes - The Artist (Book IV)
Andrew Mackay

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EVIL RISES - Noah Reid Series prequel
Wesley Robert Lowe

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A missing girl. A ruthless killer. A rookie P.I.
Private eye Jake Abraham just got his
first client: a disgraced former police captain
whose daughter has disappeared.
Journalist Joy Attwood follows
millionaire artist Jake Priestley for the day.
She soon discovers that he and his team,
The Chemical Collective, are in way over their heads...
The journey of how a Shaolin grandmaster
become one of Asia’s most ruthless
Asian criminal kingpin.
The Dream Crypt
(An Onyx Warrior Short)
Renee Scattergood

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In the Best Stories...
and Other Uneasy Horror Tales
Norman Prentiss

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Devil in the Countryside
Cory Barclay

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Can Rylee escape the malevolent vampire's
Dream Crypt or will she die trying?
4 sinister tales from a Bram Stoker
Award-winning author!
Sometimes it takes a monster
to hunt a monster
Terraforming Earth
Phase 1: "The Plagues Era"
Dean C. Moore

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The Girl on the Videotape
Ruth Parker

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You're Not Alone
Nance Newman

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A chip-enhanced detective stumbles
onto a conspiracy to depopulate the earth
and return it to an Eden-like state.
But can he convince his doctor the mindchip isn’t defective?
Can he find the girl on the videotape
before it's too late...
When you're dead, you're dead.
That's it. Nothing More.
Until you begin to hear their whispers.
The Inkman Mystery
Julia Hughes

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Tanaka and the Yakuza's Daughter
Clay Boutwell

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Sister's Revenge
Lori Jean Grace

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Someone walked away from a fatal car crash.
Someone who's determined to bury the truth,
someone prepared to kill to keep their identity a secret.
Akira Tanaka's past as an undercover agent
in Tokyo's underworld has caught up
with his present.
Now he must find out who kidnapped
his only daughter, and why.
Two orphans making it in the hood.
Then they killed her brother. Her life in danger,
Michelle was scared, and had no skills,
but had a score to settle.
Black Lines - Dodgy Pills
Olly Cunningham

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WANTED: The Chase Ryder Series
Jo Ho

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KK Jacobs

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A story of sex drugs and social deprivation,
based in Dublin, Ireland.
A runaway girl and grieving vet
find themselves running for their lives
after they save a super intelligent dog
who has escaped from a sinister lab.
Humans have been infertile for centuries.
A surprise conception could lead to
the end of mankind…
Will Mirem’s strange symptoms save the world
or end it?
Shelter in Place
Saul Tanpepper

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Why You Were Taken
JT Lawrence

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The StarGazer Maxima
Sam Sea

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A sudden lockdown at her school thrusts
a young teacher into panic mode.
As the mystery deepens, she'll realize the danger
outside her classroom isn't as bad as the one in.
In tomorrow’s world prowls a creative
and ruthlessly efficient assassin who won’t stop
until Kirsten is killed.
When a luxurious starship is mysteriously
destroyed, the government sends one of its
top investigators to find the cause...
The Chinese President
Eugene Lloyd MacRae

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Mystical Glasses
Jack Kregas

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The Chinese president is a fast paced,
political thriller that reaches all the way
into the White House.
Joey grew up in New York and had an uncle
who was the head of a mafia family.
Stalked by the deranged Kane,
Joey devises a plan using the mystical glasses
to keep Mira safe

Hope you find something thrilling in the selection above.

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Exciting, fast-paced, deeply emotional.
Mallory, Into The Abyss Reviews

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