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What the f**k is ENDAYS ?

So, about a decade ago, I pitched a TV show with a single line:

“Imagine Torchwood… but good.”

It went down well. Doctor Who was in the early years of its resurgence,  Torchwood was meant to be the ‘adult’ version, but other than a bit of lesbian frolics and the lead guy being bi, didn’t really delve into anything ‘adult’.

E.N.D.A.Y.S. is everything it should have been. Action packed dimension-hopping scifi adventure, serialized plotlines in an intricately constructed narrative, a throwaway line or action in the first season paying off two or three years down the line.

I wrote a pilot. A series bible. A season-by-season arc.

And then it got canned before a single frame was shot.  Because this is me we’re talking about, and that essentially sums up my career perfectly. But what can you do, this is how the business of show goes.

Now, years down the line, that pilot is now a book.

And each subsequent episode will be a book.

Because that’s the kind of never-quitting asshole I am.


Below is the synopsis for the very first installment of E.N.D.A.Y.S; “What A Day To End The World “. – out July 4th.
Why not celebrate independence with a copy.


Kindle edition UK – Launch discount: $2.99 99c!
Kindle edition US – Launch discount: $2.99 99c!


There are a billion realities out there, each protected by Jump Division, an interdimensional task force dedicated to preserving the stability of the grid.
However, not all agents are created equal. Some, are just arseholes.

Marcus Hayes is one such arsehole.
He’s loud, brash, walks away from explosions in slow motion, and pretty much everyone hates him.

After yet another mission going awry due to him being a dick, he’s stationed on a mundane world as punishment.
But as a threat to the world looms, it becomes apparent that this reality isn’t even close to being as boring as it’s supposed to be.